One-Shot in der L.U.X. (Stereofysh)

Das war ein herrlicher Dreh: Cyr-Wheel Weltmeisterin Jule Petsch performt ‚Balance‘ – auf dem dancefloor.
video by dominic ernst + stefan gräfe
©+℗ by stereofysh
video produced by lysann zander + lars zander

Und hier nochmal die LYRICS, weil ich sie so gut finde!

i fooled around so long, i got hurt, i’ve done wrong, held on too tight, let go too soon, that’s what i knew, i spent a night, lost a day, took too much, forgot to pay. saw my reflection right in your face – should have seen you. i loose my way to find it as i need the darkness to light up, don’t catch the balance, dare go and find it ’til it feels good.